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Hi to our family. Hi to our friends. Hi to that occasional stranger that found our page by accidence. We’re Julie and Hidde and we’re leaving our jobs behind to go out and travel the world. Before our trip we lived together in Ghent, the most beautiful city of Belgium. We met each other in Zarautz, Spain while working on a surfcamp a.k.a Surfblend! We heard a lot of doom messages about people never wanting to start a trip like this with their partner. We have our hopes high to come back together.

Hidde is from Santpoort-Noord, The Netherlands. I am from the city of St. Antelinks, situated somewhere in the East of Flanders. There’s not one particular reason why we’re writing in English. Although there are plenty that I can think of.

By writing in English there will be no: ‘Oh My Gods that’s such a Flemish thing to say’ or ‘Oh My Gods that’s such a Dutch thing to say’. Everybody will understand us equally. Flanders and Holland will be one. At least for six months. There will be no reason to moan.

If our blog temps to get boring, people can look for spelling mistakes.

My very clever niece advised us to write in English. Because you never know who picks up the blog. You never know who is willing to sponsor or to pay thousands of money-something to let us travel longer.

Let’s be honest. English just sounds better. It’s more fluently. More catchy. More everything. Plus you can kill time by counting mistakes. Just until we’re back.

Hopefully we’ll meet a lot of nice, interesting people along the way who’ll probably speak a different language. For them, our future friends. So they can also check where we are.

We also write in English for the good friends we already have. Janette. Astrid. Cristina. Tereza. My Erasmus sweethearts. For Lukas, a handsome Argentinian who looks a bit like Fellaini.



I’m an art director who works in advertising. The last few years I’ve spend my days by making up stuff and creating. Today I’m ready for half a year of exploring and enjoying world’s beauty. I’ll try to write a bit about our adventures, although usually I am not the one who writes. I also want to dedicate some time on taking the perfect pictures. Trying to capture some beauty of the world.

If you want to stay in touch or have questions of any kind -our trip, life or how to handle wild animals- you can contact me at julievanderbeck@hotmail.com.



I’m a graphic designer who works mostly in fashion and merchandising. I’m the owner of my lovely studio: Make Haste Slowly. In the past years I’ve worked for clients such as: Private Clothing, Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop amongst others. I like the unexpected element of life. Like living in the Netherlands and get to work in Spain to meet a nice girl and move to Belgium. I thought it would be the right time to spend some time traveling the world together with Julie. See the world, meet some animals, eat food.

Say hi if you miss me: hiddehornman@gmail.com

(ps. I’m sincerely sorry for all the typos)

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