Hong Kong, the Almighty


Hong Kong is a country with estimated 7,000,000 people living there. Skyscraper/apartmentbuildings all around you and lights that never go out. The land of Hong Kong is divided over 263 islands and are connected by highways, railways and ferries. And ofcourse billions maybe trillions of kilo’s of concrete weighting on this piece of earth.

Hong Kong is very rich. We’ve never seen more Lamborghini’s driving around with so little space to drive them. Their topspeed can’t go over 50 km/h in a crowded centre like this. We’ve never seen more luxury hotels and designer shops in one street.


In the heart of Hong Kong lies an appartment building where a loving and beyond kindly family lives. They where willing to let us live in their house for a full week. The Shin Family. (This introduction could’ve easily been a sitcom intro). Janette is a close friend of Julie’s and she is the daughter in the Shin family. Also temporary living in the Shin residence is Tereza another close friend and like Janette Erasmus sweetheart.

The Shin familly is the owner of Maru, a Korean Cuisine restaurant on Cameron Road. If you ever decide to visit Hong Kong a must visit. Amazing food, vibe and the best staff. And with the best Korean BBQ as you can see.


The first day when we arrived in Kowloon we went straight to Maru, because the whole family was working that evening. Julie and I were tired and hungry, and it was my birthday. We immediatly got a deliciouse home made Korean pancake and some nice Korean Hite beers. Thumbs up for mum! 😉




The next morning we went to Hong Kong Island to do some sightseeing. Tereza, becoming quite the local herself showed us around. We went to a Buddist tempel and an Asian-Ancient-Art market. We had lunch between the locals in the lively art district Soho. In the evening we went to see the ‘Symphony of Light’ show. Where all the skyscrapers on the Hong Kong Island where lighted and flickered along on the music… Funny concept, could have been executed better haha.

On sunday morning we had a short walk through Kowloon. We went into a park were a group of elder people practiced their Thai Chi. We sat and watched for a while until the class leader asked us to join in. We started our first lesson on level 3 (out of 34 levels to master). We feld a but clumsey but it was a really nice experience. Luckily for us there are no pictures.

Lantau island is a strange place. Disneyland is there, the airport, but a couple of kilometer further is a land that feels mediteranian. With a huge Buddah statue and the Venice of Hong Kong. The big Buddah was really impressive. Also because the lighting was perfect that day. So when we look back to our pictures we’re still amazed. The old monestry nearby the Buddah is also a ‘must see’ if you’re there. The hall of the 1000 buddah’s is stunning. A golden hall and an altar with 5 big golden Buddah statues.






Tai O is also know as the Venice of Hong Kong. (Says the sign). This old fishermans village is build on poles and sells a lot of dried fish. Walking around the village is nice, walking outside the village is even nicer. It’s like Hong Kong’s private little Corsica or south of France. And if you’re lucky you might spot a Pink Dolphin. We sat down by the beach for an hour and I was lucky to see one Dolphin jump. But I’m not sure it was pink though…






On our last night we went to see the Peak, the best view on Hong Kong! True story! After the amazing view we went for dinner together with Janette Collin and Cavi. The food was amazing and so was the Korean Milky Shaved ice cream:)

What struck us the most about Hong Kong is the immense variety of the city. You can get from the most crowded city centre to the most deserted island in an hour. Hong Kong is big and small. Wild and quiet. If I had to compare the vibe to another city I would say: San Francisco, USA. If we had a list of places besides our own countries to live in, I would definitely add Hong Kong to it.

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