One Step To Heaven

Thursday evening november the 5th. We finally arrived to our Hostel in Wulinyuan. Wulinyuan is a small village next to the Zhangjiajie National Park. This is where we spended the next (and final) 4 days of our trip through China.

Zhangjiajie National Park became well known after the cinematic blockbuster: Avatar. The landscapes in that movie with the blue (dabadee dabadaaa) men are based upon the scenery in the park.

So after a good nightrest we went to the park entrance to get our 4-day passes and hop on to the bus to our first day of walking.

Before we left the hostel we got a map from the owner. She pointed out the route to walk every morning. And she builded up really well. Every day the scenery became more impressive and she saved the best for last…

The first day we did a nice 7.something km hike beside the Golden Whip Stream. At the start of the walking-route Julie bought a banana. After the first bite and 100 meters of walking a monkey runned fullspeed towards her. Julie threw her banana in a reflex on the ground and was save. This was also her first ever experience with a wild monkey…

The next day we did the highest climb/stair climb of the park. When we where getting close to the top it became foggy. Really foggy. At the top there was only a 3 meter view… All the climbing for nothing but excercise.

Day 3: the most populair spot in the park and most accesable is the
Halleluja Mountain. This is the Avatar movie scenery. After 2 days of climbing we decided to take the glass elevator up. Which was a nice alternation in our daily hiker habits.
Halleluja Mountain was beautifull but WAY TOO CROWDED.

The final day we started at the Golden Whip Stream climbed up to Halleluja Mountain and walked towards: One Step to Heaven. Around 2 in the afternoon we reached it and there was only one obstacle in our way to reach the spot… A small iron stairway. Not a big deal. When you’re not me. I have this weird phobia for steep stairs and climbing. Not a phobia for hights perse. But I had no choice and climbed up. As a reward I recieved one of the most amazing views ever.

Here the pictures raw and uncut:
Enjoy x












After a lot of hiking there need to be of course: a l0t of food. From the first night we already had ‘our address’. Four out of our 5 nights in town we went to have dinner there. Once we went somewhere else and were sick all night. Because we were loyal customers every night we got another extra. One time we got ‘totjespap’, the other time roasted peanuts, a table with a gas stove beneath,…

The last day a picture had to be made. With our camera and hers of course. 🙂



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2 thoughts on “One Step To Heaven

  • Floortje 13 november 2015 at 19:48 Reply

    Lieve Hidde en Julie (helaas heb ik jou nog niet ontmoet maar ik ga er vanuit dat jij ook lief bent ^^)

    Onwijs leuk om te lezen waar jullie allemaal heen zijn geweest en gaan. Ik ga het vast allemaal nog eens nalezen als ik nog eens een grote reis ga maken en geen flaaaauwww idee heb waar ik heen moet.

    Nogmaals een hele fijne reis!

    Groetjes uit (-lookalikebenidorm-)Tenerife van Menno und Floortje

  • Wilfried Vanderbeck 13 november 2015 at 23:15 Reply

    Prachtig Julie en Hidde!!!! De tijd van jullie leven!!!!!

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