A beautiful old untouched little town, centrally in the Hunan area that shouldn’t be missed, that’s how our guide book described Feng Huang also known as the Phoenix City. After a long day of travelling, leaving from Yangshuo, we arrived in the city. We booked some kind of an apartment the night before and were so ready for it. Just some quick refreshening and then go out for a nice dinner somewhere. All that was left to do was our apartment. And that’s where it went wrong. 🙂 After some searching we eventually didn’t find it. We decided to look further in the morning by daylight and booked a night somewhere in a cheap hotel. Luckily we had our own silk sleeping bag and pillow sheets with us so that was definitely clean. We didn’t really went for the refreshing part since the toilet and shower were actually the same thing. And in the end it didn’t look that tempting. Once the bags were dropped we hurried ourselves towards the old town. We didn’t find a nice restaurant between all the cocktail bars and people trying to drag you in like you’re walking at night in Lloret del Mar, so we ended up with some noodles in our room. The neonlights, vendors and tourists all over the place killed it a bit for us. Luckily our hostel lady had some hot water for us. Off bed then for some good night rest. The next morning we went looking for our apartment again and I guess after close to 2 hours and 20 people showing the adress and name in Chinese we found it. Only there was no owner around or anyone else that could help, so we decided to discover the ancient town a bit and leave in the afternoon to Wulingyuan.

The ancient Feng Huang was actually really nice. The guide didn’t lie to call it one of the most photogenetic towns of China. See and judge for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Fenghuang

  • Matthew 13 november 2015 at 11:57 Reply

    Holy shit. Dat ziet er wel de real deal uit. Photogenetic indeed! x

  • david 28 november 2015 at 13:49 Reply

    simply amazing..:) thanks

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