The 70,000 hills of Yangshuo


After the big city of Beijing we were heading to a quiet place in the south of China. We took a plane to Guilin and hopped on a bus towards Yangshuo and the famous river Li.

The weather is a bit cloudy with a chance of rain. Perfectly fine to go outside ‘with without jacket’ (a phrase dutch children used when I was young ‘met zonder jas naar buiten’).


We had a sleepy start, but hey, what do you want in the most cozy and soft beds of China. The hostel where we stay in is truely beyond amazing. The evening we arrived it was Halloween. When we opened the frontdoor of the Sudder Street Hostel we walked into the reception covered in pumpkins and candy. But tired as we were, we went straight to bed.

Back to the story: after the lazy start we got some breakfast at A BAKERY! And went for a nice walk at the banks of the Li river.

I have to admit: the city centre of Yangshuo feels a bit like Lloret Del Mar… Also because of the restaurants who serve almost exclusively Western food. And yes I know, I know it’s bad. But, we fell for it. We saw the sign ‘Woodfire Pizza’ the rest is history haha.


The next day we got up early and rented bicycles in the Hostel. We rode towards the Yulong river and the Moon Palace on Moon Hill.

The bike-trail was absolutly stunning. In the first part of the trail there were many locals who wanted us to go Bamboo. A Bamboo boat ride for 2 persons upon the river. We kindly declined and continued with our journey towards the epic Moon Hill.

When we arrived there we had to make ourselfes ready for a hell of a climb. We didn’t had a day off since we started our trip. But we got a great reward after the 800 stairs. A view which I can’t discribe in words. Only in photos who do the scenery no justice at all.

But here are some photos anyway.


I’m writing this post on our last day in Yangshuo. Tomorrow early morning we’re heading to Fenghuang, one of the oldest towns in China.






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  • Jol 13 november 2015 at 21:31 Reply

    Zo mooi! Geniet ervan liefjes!


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