Trespassing the Forbidden City

There are 10,000,000 bicycles in Beijing, that’s a fact, that’s a thing you can’t deny- sang Katie Melua. It’s kinda true, we didn’t count them all but there quit a lot.

Today was our second day in the lovely and mostly clean city of Beijing. I’ll start this blogpost with yesterday.

We woke up around 13h00 because of our jetlag… And we went straight towards the Forbidden City. A nice 20 minute walk amongst the infamous ‘teachers’ and ‘students’ who don’t want anything more than take you to their art gallery and pressure you into buying their work. So yes… We fell for one trickster. The price started at 900RMP (€126) and after 5 minutes of saying that we werent interested at all, we could take it for 50RMP (€7). Hurray for art! We kindly declined and walked towards the Forbidden City.

I was really impressed by the imposant view of the main entrance: the meridian gate. After passing through the gates we where in the first square with the 5 marble bridges and a view upon the Taihemen (Gate of Supreme Harmony) where once the great emperors of China sat on their throne.

We wandered around for 3 hours and still had the feeling time was short. But then again, it’s 72,000m2 (+- 10 football fields) is amazingly big.
When we got kicked out by through megaphone screaming security guards we went to our hotel and had a nice Chinese dinner.

Day: 2

I mentioned Katie Melua, because today we went cycling through the city.

There’s one rule when you cycle here: don’t think, everyone will get out of the way for you. That’s the only way to go. It was a blast! We had much fun riding on the crowded main roads towards ancient temples and beautiful parks.
We almost saw the whole city centre in only 1 day. Thanks to the bicycles!

Nice to mention: go cycling through the Hutongs, tiny maze like streets in different areas of the town.
After a exhausting day we arrived at the Tiananmen-square. Where only two days ago the Dutch king Willem Alexander was.

The square is a symbol of communism. With the Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, the Monument for the Heroes of the People and the National Museum of China.

 We of course all know this square from our History books.

Tomorrow we’re heading for The Great Wall of China!

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One thought on “Trespassing the Forbidden City

  • Wilfried Vanderbeck 1 november 2015 at 23:03 Reply

    Amaai mannekes!!! Prachtige ervaring denk ik hé. Door de mooi genomen foto’s heb ik het gevoel er zelf te zijn. Genieten maar! Een ervaring die ge nooit zult vergeten!!!HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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